Glorious bounty

20 Jun

Ok, I promise not to just post about my estate sale hauls all the time, but GOOD LORD LOOK AT THIS ONE!

It was just too good to be true!  This proves my theory about hitting up sales and shops out of town.  I went to the sale specifically to buy a gorgeous 1930’s French handpainted bedroom set for Little Betty.  And, of course, I couldn’t get out of there without loading up on other great goodies!  Let’s take a look, shall we?

No, your eyes are not deceiving you.  That is indeed an Enid Collins bag sparkling at you from behind those totally 80’s totally awesome belts.  I NEVER find Enid at estate sales!  I was giddy with excitement.

But the fun didn’t stop there!  When I spied this chalet music/jewelry box complete with Alphorn player I snatched it up and clutched it so tightly with my greedy little hands I’m surprised I didn’t break it.  And who could pass up a vintage box of 36 gay birthday candles?  I do not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation when it comes to birthday candles, and neither should you.

Another thing I’m always on the lookout for at estate sales is anything vintage Christmas and boy howdy did I ever find it at this one!  Bulbs, ornaments, and those sweet celluloid elf children.  Perfection.

But friends and fellow rescuers of old junk, the real score of the day is yet to come.  Just feast your eyes upon this:

Words do not begin to describe how much I adore this.  This lovely little tin tea set is made by the Ohio Art company and I don’t think it will surprise you to hear that I feel a new collection coming on!  This particular set could not be more perfect with it’s acorns, leaves, and squirrel-skunks!  The colors are perfect for Little Betty’s playhouse and she is playing with it as we speak.

So thank you for indulging me another estate sale score post, and I promise to reward you with shots of my green bathroom next.  Meanwhile, if you’re interested, the Enid and the 80’s heart belt will be showing up in my etsy shop!



I said “Yes!” to Knotty Pine!

17 Jun

Hey!  Our kitchen is like on the internets and stuff!



My fav-o-rite blog in the whole world, Retro Renovation has featured our kitchen!  Apparently I am not the only “naughty pine” lover out there and Pam from Retro Renovation seems to think a “Say Yes To Knotty Pine” campaign is in order, a-la “Save The Pink Bathrooms!”  Well sign me up.  The hubs and I are all about our naughty pine.  And, we’re definitely all about our yummy new kitchen!



Estate Sale Score!

13 Jun

It is truly one of the great pleasures of my life to go to estate sales.  I don’t know what it is – feeling like I’m giving a second life to the very personal possessions of someone who can no longer take care of them or the thrill of the hunt and fighting off other treasure-seekers.  Either way, this Betty is H-O-O-K-E-D!  This weekend I hit up a great estate sale of a departed professor who had some really lovely, old things.  I went in to momentary cardiac arrest when I saw the gleaming pink Atlas sewing machine.  But $100?  Not today thanks.  My shopping partner found some great jewelry, sewing notions, and farm dresses (lucky girl – good thing I didn’t see them first!) and another shopper made off with some frothy pastel nighties.  But I still left happy!

The Mister was giddy with happiness when I came home with that Brownie for him. (We have a burgeoning collection of obsolete yet beautiful old cameras)  I could not be more thrilled with those adorable recipe cards.  Every self-respecting granny needs cutsey recipe cards, right?  I totally heart the ones that say “Kissin wears out…cookin don’t!”  Not pictured are some turquoise and pink Tupperware containers.  Love me some vintage Tupperware!  I also got a pretty rockin olive green sharkskin 50’s dress that turned out to be a perfect fit.  It was languishing at the bottom of a box and is in bad need of a dry clean which is why I didn’t photograph it.  Did anyone else out there score anything great this weekend?

Chalkware and swimmin’ holes…

10 Jun

One of the drawbacks of living in an awesome town is competing with lots of other people with great taste for awesome finds.  It’s always a top priority anytime I’m out of town to check out thrift or vintage shops.  Especially small towns – seems they usually have low prices and aren’t as picked over as the one I live in.  So now that I’m enjoying the leisurely days of my hard-earned summer vacation, Mister Crafter, Baby Crafter and I all headed out of town for a swim and some shopping! This town has has some great shops, but one in particular is great.  As a dear friend put it, “Everything in that store is something I would buy!”  And let me tell you, Betties, it was hard not to.  Seriously, I almost bought this:

This is Texas after all, y’all.  I managed to resist Willie’s siren call (for now anyway – I’ve been thinking about going back for it) but I absolutely couldn’t turn down this amazing fish for the pink bathroom:

I love him!  He’s so darn cute, he just had to go home with me.  And since I’ve been on a bit of a chalkware tear lately, these little dudes had to go home with me as well:

They look like they were hand painted in Granny’s ceramics class.  The Mister thought I was nutballs when he saw them but once they were hanging over the kitchen sink even he had to admit they were perfect.  You can also see a peek of the crewel pillow and owl salt and pepper shakers scored at a shop we passed on the way home.  Big ups to the Mister for pointing it out and pulling over!  Swimming in the river, picnic on the banks, and chalkware?  Betty wins!